Sustainable development

At Inter Projekt we care about our natural environment. We have made a lot of efforts, to limit and compensate for the carbon footprint of human activities.

Every order = one tree planted
Every order above 10 000$ (or 10 000€) = 10 trees planted

By partnership with Inter Projekt your purchases could make a positive difference for the natural environment. We support "Trees for the Future" organization, through monthly donations. The size of the donation depends on the number of orders placed by our customers. Trees for the Future contributes strongly to reforestation and to a reduction of poverty in Africa by training and financially supporting farmers from local communities to plant Forest Gardens. You can find more detailed information about their work on the website .
We are also pleased to announce that Inter Projekt is listed on the website - as one of the sponsors of the "Trees for the Future" organization.


Recyclable Packaging

We at Inter Projekt use recycled cardboard packaging as efficiently as possible. We never throw away received packing and we use it again. You can be sure that any cardboard packaging that comes to us will not be wasted :-)

We use green energy
We at Inter Projekt use green energy. There are installed about 100 solar panels on the roof of our building. We have reduced energy consumption as much as possible by replacing every standard light bulb by energy-saving lighting. Our building is heavily insulated so that even in winter we can save energy used on heating.